Art of Russia
Art of Russia
BBC Art Series

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DVD/Streaming, PAL, Year 2009
Length 150 mins, Code: BAC-ArtRussia

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3 DVDs

Art historian Andrew Graham Dixon unlocks the mystery, variety and history of Russia's unique art in this compelling series of arts teaching resources looking at the influence of history and politics on art in Russia.

He begins with a celebration of the great age of the icon, when Russia was at its most intense and inward looking. Andrew then discovers Peter the Great's artistic revolution; relives the glory days of the Russian high baroque; and assesses the influence of "the Wanderers" - an extraordinary group of artists comparable to the Impressionists. Art of Russia concludes with a look at the tumultuous period of 20th century Russia, from the Revolution of 1917 to the present day.

Episodes (also available individually):
1. Out of the Forest - 50 mins.
2. Roads to Revolution - 50 mins.
3. Smashing the Mould - 50 mins.

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