Art of Germany
Art of Germany
BBC Art Series

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DVD/Streaming, PAL, Year 2010
Length 150 mins, Code: BAC-ArtGermany

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3 DVDs - A documentary series exploring art and culture across Germany.

Germany has given us some of the greatest artists of all time: Durer, Holbein, Caspar David Friedrich, Otto Dix, Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter to name but a few. But has prejudice following two World Wars made us neglect its 500 year cultural legacy?
Andrew Graham-Dixon
believes so.

In this series he explores the great themes of Germanic art - an obsession with landscape, folk lore and national identity - by following a geographical as well as chronological journey through Germany, focusing on the cultural centres of each particular era. From Germany's art beginnings through the Baroque, Romanticism, Expressionism and Dada movements to the modern day, Andrew's journey takes him from the Rhine to Bavaria, from Prussia to Berlin and culminates in a meeting with Gerhard Richter, the country´s greatest living artist.

Titles in the Series (also available individually):
1. A Divided Land - 50 mins.
2. Dream and Machine - 50 mins.
3. In the Shadow of Hitler - 50 mins.

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